Los Angeles

Level 1: September 13-15

Level 2: October 18-20

Level 3: November 15-17

The support of the Universe is powerfully manifest in the extraordinary energies available to us through relationship with the mineral kingdom. Thus, we frame our offerings within an evolving lineage which integrates crystal healing with many of the wisdom traditions and energetic maps relevant to our current age and consciousness. We find the stones to be wonderful tools and allies as well as a beautiful metaphor for the state of being we continuously cultivate in ourselves.

In all of the trainings we offer, we practice and refine our perception of the human body and its energetic field, our alignment with purpose, and our capacity to hold an aware and grounded space for transformation. Participants in this work achieve an integrated proficiency with various forms of earth medicine, fluency in the language of energetics to provide a potent context for their use, and confidence with a working set of healing stones with which to apply them, for themselves and for others.

This is a practitioner training, designed to give participants the skills needed to facilitate transformational sessions with the impeccable boundaries, open hearts, and clear minds required to hold a trustworthy space for others. Each workshop is also a deep personal dive, as we believe we cannot lead others anywhere we haven’t yet ventured ourselves.


Level 1: Initiation

A deep dive initiation into the genius of crystal healing.
Refine your perception of the human energetic field.
Renew your heart-centered engagement with What Is.
Cultivate your capacity to hold an aware and grounded space for transformation.

In this two and a half day intensive, we will explore both the practical uses and the wise, soulful essence of mineral medicine. We will gather in sacred space to immerse ourselves in the heightened awareness and ancient knowledge of energetic and crystal healing.

We will learn to:

*create, set, and empower sacred space.
*directly perceive and work with subtle (and not-so-subtle) human energetic anatomy.
*select, clear, and charge crystals as our healing allies, individually and in concert as grids and layouts.
*learn techniques for scanning in order to most accurately perceive ourselves and others.
*ground, protect, and transmute our own energetic fields as we continue to open and grow.
*engage our ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and others who offer their assistance to us in conscious dialogue.
*align ourselves with Unconditional Love in order to choose our preferred reality.
*cultivate our presence and fluency as exquisite listeners and facilitators for ourselves and others.

Upon completion, participants will emerge with a Level 1 certification, a full amazing set of healing crystals, and the skill and confidence to incorporate Crystalline Energetics practices into their lives and healing work.

Level 1 Crystalline Energetics is appropriate for all levels of experience, and is of benefit to anyone interested in personal transformation as well as in being of service to others.

Level 2: Activation

Level 2 is for all of our previous Level 1 Crystal ninjas to deepen and further explore their crystal healing and energetics practices.

This advanced curriculum builds on the skills learned in Level 1 to broaden perceptions of the physical, energetic and astral bodies, build crystal grids that access off-body chakras, introduce potent new allies for heightened states of awareness and thoroughly renegotiate and clear any past agreements that are no longer current. You will leave with new AMAZING minerals to add to your marvelous wizard bag that will assist you with your personal empowerment and professional practice.

Level 3: Mastery

In Level 3, we focus on clearing old patterns and beliefs through generational, pandimensional and intercellular travel. We are bringing our complete multidimensional selves into the present so we can properly generate a future aligned with our highest callings.

You will receive the motherlode of grounded practices, the most potent stones, and the biggest community of love. We will be discovering ourselves fully and journeying DEEP for 3 days.