Long Beach

Level 2: August 2-4

Los Angeles

Level 1: September 13-15

Level 2: October 18-20

Level 3: November 8-10

The support of the Universe is powerfully manifest in the extraordinary energies available to us through relationship with the mineral kingdom. Thus, we frame our offerings within an evolving lineage which integrates crystal healing with many of the wisdom traditions and energetic maps relevant to our current age and consciousness. We find the stones to be wonderful tools and allies as well as a beautiful metaphor for the state of being we continuously cultivate in ourselves.

In all of the trainings we offer, we practice and refine our perception of the human body and its energetic field, our alignment with purpose, and our capacity to hold an aware and grounded space for transformation. Participants in this work achieve an integrated proficiency with various forms of earth medicine, fluency in the language of energetics to provide a potent context for their use, and confidence with a working set of healing stones with which to apply them.




An Introduction to Crystals
You will be introduced to a extensive and varied collection of crystals and their particular tones and frequencies in the context of specific techniques of use. Each participant will receive their own working set of stones corresponding to the chakra system as well as other key allies from the mineral kingdom.

Energetic Anatomy and Chakra Balancing
These are the basic steps to begin perceiving the body’s energetic centers and the flow of qi between them. You will learn to clear energetic challenges with basic chakra balancing and alignment techniques using the stones best suited to each area and frequency.

Tibetan Pulsing
This ancient form brings the focus of the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to the heart center, and gently reframes all perception and action through the lens of an open, clear, nourished heart. Tibetan pulsing builds on chakra balancing and is particularly effective in calming anxiety, softening and dissipating addictive patterns, easing self-judgment, and cultivating self-love and compassion at the surface of awareness.

The Creation and Use of Crystal Elixirs
The creation of Crystal and Gemstone Elixirs is an application of crystal healing that can be used both for the body and for the perfection of any living space.  By learning the proper crystal elixir making methods, you will be able to distill your own crystal combinations to facilitate your healing intentions. 
Specific recipes will be formulated to address the specific needs and desires of the group.

Techniques for Grounding and Protection
As people become more fully self-aware, others are increasingly drawn to them and to their excellent work.  Grounding and protection is an essential component in building a foundation for compassionate and profound work within clean, conscious boundaries. 
These techniques assist in keeping all personal and professional interactions clear of false attachments, helping to create a safe, respectful space between client and practitioner, and to keep the practitioner in a state of maximum delightful energy flow. 

Channeling The Future Self
The embodiment of your most truthfully, joyfully, and fully realized existence is what we call your High Self - the You that you are beyond all circumstances. This practice creates direct access and communication with your High Self, enabling you to explore your past, present and future freely, 
and to receive guidance from your deepest source of wisdom.

Dissolving Negative Beliefs
This is a direct method which enables you to locate the root causes of negative beliefs and behaviors, and empowers you to wholly transform them.  It facilitates conscious recognition of obstacles and inner conflict, and addresses the ways that you may be devoting energy to false, outdated, or useless perceptions and patterns so as to create space for more of what you actually desire.

Cutting Karmic Cords
This practice is supremely effective in cleaving what is yours from what isn't yours, and freeing yourself from attachments, beliefs, and emotional 'hooks' that aren't useful to your most current self. This work establishes the integrity of the energetic body and releases what isn't compatible in a loving, powerful ritual enacted for the benefit of all beings.