Some feedback from the families:

Camp was really spectacular! I really wasn't sure what to expect and just signed Molly and Izzy up and was totally blown away and in amazement of camp. I was also apprehensive as to whether or not they would get it! They got it and loved it!!
They would love to go to Crystal Camp before next summer! 
Thank you!
- Karen A, mom of 9 year old twin girls

WOW WOW WOW back at 'cha!!!
Soooooo happy that Caleb was able to be a part of your camp last week!!!  He woke up yesterday (Saturday morning) wishing he could go.  So bummed it's all over for now, but so grateful that we found out about it.  It was really so great in so many ways for us :) Thank you for being your beautiful selves and giving this experience to the children that attended.  The graduation was so touching.  I really couldn't believe how in just 5 days you were able get a feel for each of the campers in such a way that you would have such meaningful, special and right on things to say about each child. Crystal Camp ROCKS.
- Shannon M, mom of 7 year old son

Our boys feel very full after that experience and want it to continue on and on and on....  Since our boys NEVER want to do camp... that's pretty major.  Deeply confirming for them to see that other teachers in the world  (not just their mom and dad and a few friends) also use NVC to connect.  To build and nurture the deep roots of connection and love in five days time - awe inspiring.  It's beyond "camp" - it's an action-packed retreat for kids!
- Carolyn H, mom of 8 and 9 year old sons

This is the only summer day camp that my daughter is excited about each year. She can't wait to go back! 
Crystal Camp is such a unique experience. The counselors are amazing and so caring and loving. You really celebrate each of the kid's individuality and make them feel seen. 
The campers range in age making for a variety of interactions for everyone. The activities are wide ranging - from learning about crystal and color properties to insect experiences to spoon bending to tea ceremonies to trampolining to beaming visualizations. It's a week of adventures.
But most importantly, and the reason my daughter wants to go back every year with enthusiasm, there is a presence and an authenticity and a genuineness and a sweetness that happens there. 
My favorite part is the last day closing ritual. It's really special.

- Shannon L., mom of 11 year old daughter

Totally the best money we have ever spent on education.
-Xander, age 10