What On Earth?

Ever wished there was a real School of Witchcraft and Wizardry somewhere, where a kid could go to learn the magical arts and tap into their innate powers with the proper guidance?

Well, we're pleased to offer you exactly that.

We won't be in robes and pointy hats (except by special request) but we firmly believe in the efficacy of the so-called 'magical arts' - our connection with and ability to strongly harness the energies of the natural world and of our own bodies and minds, in order to create the world as we'd like to see it, heal ourselves and others, and make incredible art out of our lives. Yes!

We, as adults, are practiced in these arts - and we know from personal experience that it would have been GREAT to have some elders around us who were hip to this stuff and who could have shared their knowledge and perspective with us when we were young. 

In this spirit, we offer Crystal Camp as a cosmic trampoline for your MIND!



An introduction to a wide range of different crystals and stones: their structures, compositions, energetic properties and individual personalities.

Psychic Development: How to Tune Your Inner Radio
Learning to locate and trust your clearest channels of information through Remote Viewing, Psychic Lineup, Telepathic Hide-and Go Seek and Treasure Hunting.

Exploration of the energy body 
We investigate the energies of the human body with traditional forms such as Qi Gong and the Soul Train dance lineup, as well as focused exercises in group field generation, invisibility cloaking and hands-on exploration.

At Home with the Plant Kingdom
 We enter into conversation with our plant allies! 
We plant and harvest for food and medicine, in awareness of our planetary cycles and the power of proper timing.

Elixirs and potions
Making supercharged potions using crystals, plants, colors, vibration and clear intention. Our potions may take the form of elixirs, teas, tinctures, salves, herbal honey, cordials, and oxymels.

Using stones, smoke, sound and clear vision to order, 
define and empower the space around us.

The Proper and Excellent Use of Magical Tools
 The proper creation and use of Pendulums, Wands, Amulets, Divining Rods, and other artifacts for divination, finding lost things, 
making decisions, transmitting clear and effective spells, 
and discovering that which is hidden.

Music and Sound 
The use of sound vibrations to move enormous amounts of energy through our bodies & the bodies of those around us, and through the environment we share.

Color Play
The investigation of the Earthly light spectrum to affect our perceptions and rock our world.

Age-old and newfangled techniques to concentrate and train the mind. 
This year, Meditation will include an investigation of Timebending.

The most effective use of language to steer your reality and get you where you're going.

Gong Fu Cha
The ancient ritual preparation of tea as an act of skilled discipline.

Your Excellent Superheroic Body!
A group discussion and ceremony to empower ourselves as all that we are, can be, and want to be! Discussion will include spectrum of gender, the total range of human expression and appearance, how to love your Inner Outlaw, and the importance of having the right cape.