*art by  Adam Yasmin

*art by Adam Yasmin


Q: "What will we be DOING for a whole week?"

Q: "What do you MEAN, it's a magic camp? Like card tricks and stuff?"

Q: "MAGIC? Seriously? But that stuff isn't real - right? What are we going to REALLY learn?"

A: It's real.
It's delightfully mysterious, but it's real.

There is no sleight of hand involved, as there is with illusionism. If the scientific method teaches us to rely on the evidence of our senses - sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch alone, not to mention all the other senses that often don't make it onto the list - we can tell you from our own experience that it is indeed real, because our senses tell us it is so. The human mind and body are WAY more strange and amazing and deeply connected with the minds and bodies of other people, animals, plants, and the planet as a whole than your science teacher may have ever let on about.

Crystal Camp is an opportunity to play with a bunch of different traditions and techniques from all over the world, and to explore those connections in great company for a whole week.

It's easiest to put it this way:
Crystal Camp is a place where you can come to develop your superpowers, whatever your superpowers might be. 

We have one and only hard and fast rule: that your cultivation of mastery happen in a way that gives proper space and respect to the other people nearby who are busy cultivating their own superpowers. This is how we build the community of friends and allies that we want and need.

And - it's really fun.

It's crazy, ridiculous fun.