Feedback from Intensive participants:

I really didn't know what to expect when I was invited to participate in the Crystalline Energetics Intensive - I wasn't at all familiar with using crystals and am not a practicing healer. What I did know, is that I'd been desperately searching for a reset button. I'd gotten bogged down with a lot of negativity and was feeling particular joyless. I just had a gut feeling that whatever was waiting for me at the workshop would help give me me a much needed shift.
And the truth is, I got what I needed and SO much more! Not only did the weekend help rejuvenate my sense of self, bringing me back into my body, but it also gave some profound insights. I am in awe of these two incredible women, Pamela & Elizabeth, who are willing to selflessly share their knowledge. I look forward to continuing the journey and am so grateful for the time we spent together.

I really appreciated being able to try things for myself. I think it was invaluable to practice on a partner as well as experience the rituals. I was worried that the days would feel long and exhausting but I was surprisingly energized and couldn't wait to go back for more. 
My deepest thank you to you both! I am forever your student.



So, it's been a little over a month since crystal ninja class. I can honestly say that setting my body with grids before bed, bathing with them, and just carrying them around in my pockets has been the most consistent act of love I have ever allowed myself. In addition to energetic reorganization they keep me focused, checked in, & feeling, always. Chronic pain in my sternum & sacral areas has been almost completely eliminated, only showing up during times when something is being brought up to be recognized and released. I'm always surprised at the sensations I feel when I filter through them to choose my grids. The level of connection they facilitate in regards to working with others is like nothing I've ever experienced on the claircognicient or sentient level (I don't know which is more accurate, as there are both sensory & visual impressions.)
So: in short, super rad & I have a lot to learn. 5 thumbs up.

- JH

The Crystalline Energetics Level 1 weekend was transformative for me in continually unfolding ways. First, I was called by the rich and playful fields you both hold... grounded authentic work, with a fun, creative and safe container.   My initial intention was simply to learn more about crystals, which I did, gorgeously...  and I unexpectedly came away with skills to create deeply healing experiences for others, as I experienced for myself during our in-class sessions.  The techniques you shared help me to synthesize many other studies into a structure that I feel comfortable and confident to offer, which is deeply in resonance with my honoring of co-created healing, and embodiment of one's true self.  For those who have chosen to participate with me, I have witnessed a profound shift in their energies and outlooks, furthering my confidence, and creating a potent shift in my energy as I open to sharing these gifts.  Looking forward to the juiciness you are cooking up for Crystalline Energetics Level 2!
Thank you for the gift of you... both of you!  Truly appreciating your guidance, grace and leadership style.


You gals deserve to know the AMAZING job you two are doing.
I joined the class not knowing what to expect. I've read a few books on crystals/crystal healing, but had never been to a class. I loved how all the information tied in perfectly. You two put a whole other dimension to what I was learning in my books. 
I understand a lot of the information a lot better and it all makes much more sense.
The two of you most definitely complement each other. The energy/love radiating through the room was unmistakable. Pace was fast but good. All questions where answered/addressed. Terminology was understandable (even for a newbie like me). What else? I do have one regret, I kept forgetting my cup and didn't have any of the elixirs until the last day of class, and WHOA, were they potent! 
Throughout the workshop I felt very informed, but felt like the information was just floating around, and once I got home it felt like it soaked in. It's hard for me to explain, but it felt GOOD.
I can't wait for you gals to announce the next intensive. 
I have a lot to learn, and I want to do it with you! I am definitely hooked.
Again, thank you soooo much for everything. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I feel, and how in love I am with all this information and with you beautiful beings. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

- NP

I got more from the weekend than expected. This journey with selling crystals has been fun and educational, but I realized people are looking for somewhat of a guide/mentor often when they are shopping for crystals and I would often have to refer to a book or to my business partner (because of his crazy encyclopedic memory). I still feel I have a lot to learn but I also feel I have a much greater grasp on things now.
As far as the healings, it was incredible to feel the energy flowing through me, created by me, and by everyone there. Through some practice I feel it will be a great skill.

- MB